“My friends don’t have to die anymore…” – Oreo

My name is Oreo. And this is the story of my friends.

A story of humanity; a story of change.

I met my human 10 years ago. I was small then. My little paws in her hand, we’d roam around and see the world together. And that is when I smelled a weird feeling in her, something I myself had never felt, not with her around me. That feeling was called emptiness. My human had a good job; she was supposed to be happy. Or so I thought always. But that she was not in truth began to tingle me.

I looked into her eyes one day and she looked back. Something happened – I don’t quite understand what, even today – and she smiled with relief. As though the void in her had been filled with purpose, all of a sudden. What was there in my beady eyes? 

It started with tears…

My human started spending a lot of time, most of it, to be specific, away from home, from me. For 3 long years, she’d travel across the country to film my friends. I didn’t understand what the need was until I saw a few frightful videos. 

You wouldn’t want to know the details but you should; just to know the extent of pain in the lives of my friends. For the first time in my life, I saw a pool of blood and a head without a body staring at me through her camera. Tears rolled down my eyes. She wiped them. Through my blurry sight what I saw in her was a light, a light so bright that it dazzled me. 

Ended with a smile.

About 1 and a half years from then, now I know the reason behind it. My human, Taanya Ravi decided to create food products that were free of animal cruelty. She tells me that with these items, humans get to relish the same taste (even more). 

Even better – no animal has to die anymore to make them happy, to make them enjoy their food. 

And this wide smile that you see across my face came from that. From the guarantee that my cattle and poultry friends were happy and safe. My human ensured that. She does it every day at her venture ‘Live Yum’.

About Taanya Ravi –

27-year-old Taanya Ravi conducted a thorough investigation on animal cruelty across slaughterhouses, poultry farms, and cowsheds in India for 3 long years. 

While doing that she felt that thousands of Oreo (her beloved puppy) were as though trapped in the webs of a heinous crime. By then, she had already left her corporate job. But now she wanted to do something to change the aghast reality.

taanya ravi & oreo

In a year, she started her venture, Live Yum. The products she launched were not only free of animal-cruelty but also palm-oil. With that, she ensured a better life for animals in India, as well as wildlife conservation. 

It gives us immense pride and happiness to write her and her Oreo’s story for the world to read. Because the story behind their smile is also the story behind that of thousands of animals.

Thank you, Taanya & Oreo. Keep up the good work!


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